Canopy Awnings

Ideal for making a design statement or those areas at your place that will benefit from permanent coverage.

Cupola Awning
Canvas Fabric
Scallop Trim

Carbolite Canopy Awning

Carb-O-Lite Awning

Bullnose Tru-Steel Canopy Awning

Bullnose Awning
150mm Profile

Canopy Awnings

Canopy Awnings can serve both a functional purpose and a design statement.

Manufactured with fabric, steel or polycarbonate skins or alloy louvres, they can be found on the entrances to hotels, galleries, restaurants, and houses and apartment complexes alike to meet both purposes.

Canopy Awnings with fabric skins can be made with Canvas, PVC, Acrylic, or Mesh fabrics, however if seeking protection from rain, the latter fabric is not recommended.

With their light-weight yet strong alloy frame, fabric skinned Canopy Awnings will retain their unique shape and finesse for years, and are able to be manufactured to suit almost any facade profile and with an adequate support profile can be extended indefinitely.

When seeking a utilitarian solution where the design statement is less of a factor, choosing between a metal or poly-carbonate skin or an alloy panel louvre, will provide years of use without the level of maintenance required for fabric skins.

Panel Louvre Canopy Awning

Panel Louvre Awning
90mm Louvre

Canopy Awnings we install: