Retractable Awnings

With their ability to be rolled away, these Awnings are the most versatile option for adding control of the elements.
Lock-Arm Retractable Awning

Lock-Arm Awning
Canvas Fabric
Scallop Trim

Folding-Arm Retractable Awning

Folding-Arm Awning
Acrylic Fabric
Motor Operation

Cable-Guide Retractable Awning

Cable-Guide Awning
Mesh Fabric
Crank Operation

Retractable Awnings

Windows, doorways, verandahs, patios, decks, courtyards, and other outdoor and alfresco styled living areas can all benefit from the addition of a Retractable Awning (AKA, Outdoor Blind, Alfresco Awning).

There are a variety of options that will cater to certain applications and user preference more than others, however, for added comfort and versatility throughout the year and across the changes in seasonal weather, there is no better product available.

Retractable Awnings are such, due to their fabric “skin” which is able to be rolled around the inner tube. This skin is available in a variety of external-grade fabrics with a multitude of colours and patterns to suit contemporary designs through to the most modern styles that are found throughout Sydney.

Fabric options

Mesh: Often referred to as sunscreen,  provides a great level of protection against UV rays which means less thermal transmission (blocks out heat) and less glare (greater clarity of vision).

Canvas: A blockout fabric that works best to virtually stop all UV rays, which means darker and cooler living area. A great option for those wanting privacy and also better suited to certain Awnings.

Acrylic: A translucent fabric that provides excellent protection against UV rays and doesn’t darken the areas it covers. This fabric is not as robust as Canvas or Mesh, and is better suited for Folding-Arm Awnings due to its light-weight profile.

Control options

Each Awning has its own method of control that corresponds to its componentry, with some Awnings requiring manual operation while others have the added benefit of being able to incorporate a motor into its function.

Cable-Guide Retractable Awning

Cable-Guide Awning
Mesh Fabric
Crank Operated

Retractable Awnings we install: