Our available options
We provide many choices in our Aluminium Shutter product line, including sliding, bi-fold, fixed and hinged options.
Shutters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas and in all types of weather. They are effective in keeping the heat and cold outside where it belongs. We proudly use the CW Systems brand, so you are sure to receive the highest in quality shutters available.
Why choose Basswood Shutters?
Wood brings a natural warmth with it that is hard to replicate with any other type of material. Easily control the level of light and privacy with these shutters. When the shutters are shut, they are effective at keeping the harsh sun out and protecting against both the heat and the cold. 
Our custom made, hand finished shutters come in many different blade sizes, including 63mm, 90mm and 115mm. When you want resilient shutters known for their brilliance, look no further than the Basswood Shutters offered at Southern Cross Blinds & Awnings.
Sustainable Materials
A very popular product, adding value and style to your home, giving an eye catching look to any room with its slim, clean, smooth and refined finish that wont disappoint.
Operation: Sliding, Bi Fold, Hinged or Fixed
Blades sizes: 63mm, 89mm or 114mm
Perfect for all indoor areas
One of the most important benefits of Thermo 25 Shutters is that they are moisture resistant. This makes them perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry. Privacy  and light control is at your hands, noise and temperature can be kept to a minimum with Thermo 25 Shutters.
Decision making is easy
The choice is yours from colours to blades sizes, frame styles and to how your shutter will operate.
Knowing your Thermo 25 Shutters are hypo allergenic, aluminum reinforced, environmentally friendly and recyclable, will help make your decision easier.