Roller Blinds

Manufactured with the Quantum® system, our Roller Blinds incorporate innovation, design, functionality and style, to deliver smooth and reliable operation for years to come.
Roller Blind

Blockout Fabric
Chain Control

Roller Blinds

Blockout Fabric
Chain Control

Roller Blind with Designer Trim

Blockout Fabric
Chain Control
Designer Trim with Pelmet

Roller Blinds are the obvious choice for a straight-forward window covering. With simplicity at heart, they offer a practical and refined solution.

Available in a variety of blockout, mesh (sunscreen and sheer), and translucent fabrics that range from the plain and easy-to-wipe through to designer finishes with textures and weaves that will complement all styles and fashions.

Benefiting from the Quantum® system means your Roller Blinds will have a sleek and minimal presence and will operate smoothly with reduced wear and tear on internal and support componentry. No worn-out gearing or warped bracketry included!

Why choose our Roller Blinds?

All Quantum® componentry is designed to provide a high-quality sleek finish for all blinds.

Specifically engineered aluminium tubes provide core strength offering minimal deflection and the ability to span large expanses.

Innovative chain-free operating systems, such as Light Lift or Motorised, offer the ultimate child safe solution.

All operating options are designed for effortless and super-quiet movement.

Create a customised system to suit your light control and privacy needs in a style that fits your space.

Partners with Merger® motorisation solutions for app control through the NeoSmart hub for affordable home automation.
Available configurations
Optional finishes

Featuring a slimline and contemporary design, an optional headbox or fascia will conceal the brackets and roll, and can be easily installed to a face or reveal fitment.

For complete blockout, Channels paired with a Headbox are the ultimate solution for total light and privacy control and can be installed to any face or reveal fitment.

For traditional style requirements, a Pelmet can be optioned that will include your chosen fabric to coordinate with the Roller Blind. 

For those wanting to complement a traditional style or present a unique finish, our Roller Blinds have the option for a designer trim that replaces the standard bottom rail.