Vertical Blinds

A sure choice for window coverings that especially suit larger openings such as long expanses of windows and doorways with sliding, hinged, or bi-fold configurations.
Vertical Blind 127mm

127mm Vane
Split stack to accommodate patio doors

Vertical Blinds 127mm and sewn-in weights

127mm Vane
Single blind with split stack to accommodate doorway configuration
Pelmet installed

Vertical Blind 127 mm with Pelmet

127mm Vane
Multiple blinds installed with opposite side stacks to accommodate opening configuration with windows and a doorway
Pelmet installed

Vertical Blinds

A low-maintenance and practical covering for doorways and windows, Vertical Blinds provide easy and simple control of vision and light, and are a cost-effective solution to your furnishing needs.

The rotating vanes allow for simple control of light and privacy and when closed offer a excellent level of light blockout.

Our custom-made Vertical Blinds are made with the Deco Plus system, which incorporates sleek design and quality componentry to ensure smooth, long-term operation of the vanes.

Why choose our Vertical Blinds?

Noisy and clunky operation is eliminated through clever design of internal componentry, along with the wand gearing which has been specially designed to achieve ultra-smooth operation.

Made from a durable (virtually unbreakable), transparent thermoplastic and featuring a spring-less clutch with accompanying stabilising arm that keeps hooks secure within the track.

All components have been cycle tested to last up to 10 years of daily use. Endcaps, drive chain, travellers and end retainers are forged from Polycetal, a highly engineered thermoplastic for durability, precision and stability.

Tracks allow for speedier installation, including the ability to rotate the blind at a later date. Blinds mount into clip-in brackets that are simple to disengage to remove blind eg: for cleaning window opening.

Control and stack selection

You have the choice as to what side of the Vertical Blind the control mechanism will be located.

Left or right, and does not need to be same side as the vane stack.

For the numerous styles of windows and doorways and the ways in which you use them, you also have the choice of where and how the stack of vanes is drawn to.

Left, right, centre or split.

Available vane widths
Optional control and finishes

A premium option that replaces Cord and Chain control.

The traversing wand works through gliding the wand across the track to draw the blinds open or closed and turning the wand rotate the vanes.

Features an in-built clutch function in the wand hook to prevent breakages under excess force.

For those wanting to eliminate the bottom chains, there is the choice of a chain-less weight (which can infrequently still catch) or a sewn-in weight.

For traditional style requirements, a Pelmet can be optioned that will include your chosen fabric to coordinate with the Vertical Blind.